The Roller Conveyor Through-Type Steel Plate Shot Blasting Machine Is Used In Which Industries?

Roller conveyor through-type steel plate shot blasting machines have a wide range of applications, and they are commonly used in industries such as petroleum and chemical, where storage tanks or steel pipes need rust removal, paint stripping, and the removal of adhering substances.

Question: What tasks can a roller conveyor through-type steel plate shot blasting machine perform?

Answer: This equipment is widely used in the field of surface cleaning, including rust removal, removal of marine fouling, and cleaning of the surfaces of large pipes, among others. For the external surface cleaning of large structures such as wind turbine towers, manual cleaning would require a significant amount of time, effort, and pose substantial safety risks. However, using this type of equipment can effectively address these issues. Using a flat steel plate shot blasting machine, it is easy to remove rust stains, oxidation layers, and adhering substances from surfaces, achieving excellent rust removal and cleaning results.

Question: Is using a roller conveyor through-type steel plate shot blasting machine reliable for external surface cleaning?

Answer: In general, the roller conveyor through-type steel plate shot blasting machine is a highly reliable cleaning equipment with proven performance. Furthermore, the operating cost of this equipment is very low in practical applications, with electricity costs amounting to just a few cents per square meter. It is not only energy-efficient and environmentally friendly but also helps reduce production costs. Importantly, operating this equipment is a straightforward process, and there is no need to worry about operational complexity. As a result, this type of equipment has garnered significant attention. However, it’s essential to understand that equipment produced by different manufacturers may have differences in functionality, performance, and suitable applications. Therefore, when making a purchase, it’s crucial to carefully examine the specific parameters of the equipment.

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