The Nine Core Function Of Shot Blasting Machine


Shot Peening








Surface Restoration


Enhance Adhesion


Extended Workpiece Life


Remove Of Impurities


Improvement Of Glossiness

The Role Of Shot Blasting Machine

1. Instead of the ordinary cold, hot forming process, the large thin-walled aluminum parts molding process, not only to avoid the parts surface residual tensile stress, but also to obtain the parts of the compressive stress is beneficial.                                                                                                                                          2. Make the surface of the part produce compressive stress and can improve the fatigue of the part and the ability to resist tensile stress corrosion.          3. Correct the distorted thin-walled parts.

Shot blasting machine will throw high speed, so as to achieve the purpose of cleaning or strengthening of the surface, generally speaking, this equipment can do at the same time in addition to the core, cleaning and sand treatment, in many places will be called sandblasting machine or sandblasting machine, the following by the shot blasting machine manufacturer of BlastKing to explain the main functions and applications of the shot blasting machine what are.

Advantages Of Shot Blasting Machine

  • Shot Blast Machine is automatic process within manual assist, which is save working time and reuseable shot-abrasive that is economics method, and affordable cleaning for surface finishing;
  • The surface cleans with smoothens and homogeneity finishing, without any damage to the surface.
  • Environment friendly, without any pollution compared to sandblasting.
  • Prepares a surface for coating or painting preparetion applications effectively.
  • The flexibility of using various types of shot abrasives that can be used in the shot blast machine according to the surfaces grades and different material that need to be cleaned (such as glass beads, steel shots, steel grit, etc.) makes shot blast is the most preferred cleaning or surface finishing method. 

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