Q32 Series (Rubber) Crawler Type Shot Blasting Machine

This machine is suitable for surface descaling or shot peening of multi-species, large and medium volume workpieces. The cleaned workpieces must be castings and heat treated parts that are not afraid of collision. The machine can be used both as a stand-alone machine and in conjunction with other uses.

FeatureShot BlastingGuard PlateHigh Maganese Steel
ConditionNewProfessional DesignGood Service
CustomizedCustomizedTransport PackageInternational Standard
Colour of MachineName ColourSpecificationCE
Safety Standardin According with EU StandardTrademarkSirDa
Blast WheelBest Flow Speed of Shot and Low NoiseOriginJiangsu Yancheng
Dust CollectorHigh EfficiencyProduction Capacity100 Sets One Month
BearingsWorld Famous Brand Sky or PagPackagingWooden Box
Electric Control SystemPLCDeliveryShipping

Large steel plate shot blasting machines are common surface treatment equipment in the steel industry. They can remove rust, scale, increase surface roughness, restore the metallic luster of steel plates, and improve their corrosion resistance and mechanical strength. In the industrial manufacturing sector, steel plate shot blasting machines are widely used in industries such as steel and iron, shipbuilding, bridges, ships, steel structures, casting, and automotive manufacturing. This article will introduce the advantages and disadvantages of large pass-through steel plate shot blasting machines and small mobile steel plate shot blasting machines, as well as price comparisons.

Firstly, large pass-through steel plate shot blasting machines have the advantages of good cleaning effect and high production efficiency. They can process a large number of steel plates at once, saving labor and time costs. The equipment’s rational structural design and long service life can meet the mass production needs of steel manufacturing companies. However, the initial investment cost of this equipment is high, and it requires a large floor space, which may bring economic pressure to small businesses.

Secondly, small mobile steel plate shot blasting machines have the advantages of low initial investment cost, small footprint, and easy mobility. This equipment is suitable for small-batch, multi-variety production requirements and allows flexible adjustment of equipment location and processing targets, saving space and equipment operating costs. However, this equipment can only process one side of a steel plate at a time, requires manual flipping, and has relatively lower processing efficiency. Additionally, mobile equipment generates noise and environmental dust during operation, necessitating safety measures.

Finally, there is a significant price difference between large pass-through steel plate shot blasting machines and small mobile ones. Pass-through machines have market prices ranging from 200,000 to 400,000 yuan, while mobile machines are priced around 1 to 5 million yuan. The specific price depends on user requirements, such as equipment opening size and production efficiency, which can affect the price. In practical applications, users need to choose equipment that suits their production needs and economic conditions.

In conclusion, large pass-through steel plate shot blasting machines and small mobile steel plate shot blasting machines have their respective advantages and disadvantages. Users should choose equipment that fits their specific needs based on their actual circumstances.

Q32 series crawler type shot blasting machine is suitable for various forging heat treatment or metal and other workpieces of shot blasting treatment, can be used as a single machine or can be used with line. All kinds of metal casting surface sticky sand cleaning, ferrous metal parts surface rust removal, stamping surface burr and burr edge inverted blunt, forging and heat treatment workpiece surface treatment and spring surface oxidation skin removal and surface grain refinement can be achieved through the series of equipment shot peening process.

Its wide range of applications, mainly foundry, heat treatment plant, motor factory, machine tool parts factory, bicycle parts factory, power machine factory, automobile parts factory, motorbike parts factory, non-ferrous metal die-casting plant. After the shot blasting treatment of the workpiece can get a good material colour, but also can become the surface of metal parts blackening, blue, passivation and other processes before the process, but also for electroplating, painting and other finishing to provide a good base surface. Through this machine after shot blasting treatment workpiece can reduce tensile stress, while making the surface grain refinement, so that the workpiece surface strengthening, increase its service life.

Ideal to clean and finish batches of components

The Q32 series crawler type shot blast machines are the ideal way to clean and finish batches of components such as castings and small fabrications. The transport belt provides the tumbling action to expose all areas of the components to the blast stream, to ensure complete cleaning in one cycle. After the blast cycle, the automatic reversal of the conveyor discharges the components ready for further processing.

Reliable Process Technology Coupled with a High Degree of Flexibility

Small components are cleaned with the same reliability as larger components. SirDa machines are designed specifically to minimise the height from which parts are dropped at loading and unloading in order to reduce damage to sensitive parts.

Design and Sequence of Operation

SirDa Q32 series crawler machines are designed for batch operations. Appropriate loading and unloading devices can be used to integrate the shot blast machine into an existing production plant to create a continuous work flow.

Optimised Shot Blast Effect

During shot blasting, the workpieces, regardless of size and shape, are evenly and continuously tumbled. This is necessary for the effective and uniform treatment of all surfaces. During tumbling, the workpieces continually undergo shot removal, enabling workpiece interiors and cavities to be perfectly cleaned. For the complete removal of all shot, the final tumbling time that follows the shot blast sequence can be regulated to suit the type of workpieces being blast cleaned. The tightly sealed, leak-proof blast chamber minimises shot consumption.

Steel or Rubber Belt

All machines of Q32 series are equipped with wear resistant rubber belts. These machines are also suitable for processing light alloy parts.(SirDa offers a full range of tumblast machines with both rubber and steel belts for a variety of applications and processes. Other models and sizes are available upon request.)


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