Saving your business unnecessary cost is at the heart of SirDa’s shot blasting repair and maintenance service.

Maintenance For Shot Blasting Machine

Machine downtime is one of the biggest costs to any industrial operation, and shot-blasting is no exception. The costs of repairing the machine itself can be a big blow, but sometimes you must also account for lost production time and decreased employee morale. That is why knowing how to maintain your shot-blasting equipment to reduce machine downtime is so essential.

Efficient Operations

Optimizing Maintenance And Communication For Operation System

Establish a Schedule

It is always less costly for facilities to make smaller repairs than to make larger ones. However, if an operation is unaware of the smaller repairs that are needed, it becomes impossible to make them. Best practice dictates creating a schedule for checking the machines for problems and performing basic maintenance tasks. Try doing a brief visual check each time you use a machine. Lubrication of machine parts can be done on a less frequent but still regular basis.

Remain in Contact With Us

SirDa can offer you the best advice about maintaining your shot blasting equipment.We can also supply or advise you on how to obtain replacement parts for the machine.

We offer a range of maintenance contracts designed to your exact needs.Whether it is a periodic inspection visit which provides you with an overall status report and recommendation, or a complete service package that looks after the fitting of worn partners, we have a maintenance service for you.

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Maintain Dust Collecting Systems

Maintenance of the dust collector is essential for maintaining proper air flow and efficiency.  The filter cartridges should be checked regularly and replaced if needed. Don’t forget about cleaning your duct work and spark traps as well. This is important for maintaining safe operating conditions and air flow design parameters.

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