Installation Service

After-Sale Services

Complete Installation Services Are Offered

SirDa’s installation services for locations outside of China involve dispatching specialized mechanical engineers for the installation process:

  • Experienced installation personnel are responsible for equipment inspection, assembly, and commissioning.
  • Professional electrical engineers work in collaboration with partner manufacturers to ensure the electrical installation and commissioning of SirDa’s equipment adhere to electrical standards.
  • Training for specialized operators from partner manufacturers will also be provided on-site to ensure proper and compliant equipment operation.
Adequate Support

The key To Satisfaction!

Training Programmes

 To assist the manufacturers collaborating with SirDa in mastering equipment operation, we offer specialized training courses:

1.Proper configuration of SirDa’s equipment to maximize its performance.

2.Common troubleshooting techniques to minimize downtime and ensure smoother production processes.

3.Maintaining quality consistency and reducing material wastage.

4.Routine equipment maintenance procedures.

On-site Engineer Training

SirDa’s certified professionals undergo systematic training to ensure that the equipment you purchase is assembled according to specifications.

Our engineers will guide you through the installation of newly acquired equipment, assist your production personnel in a smooth startup process, and provide long-term warranty services.

Spare Parts &After Sales Service

 Our service offerings encompass equipment inspections and repairs, upgrades to enhance performance and extend equipment life, as well as relocation and disposal of shot blasting equipment. Additionally, we offer services for reinstallation and commissioning to ensure your equipment operates optimally and at peak efficiency.

 No matter what issues your equipment may face, we strive to provide the highest quality service to ensure your equipment returns to normal operation in the shortest possible time. SirDa has always been a reliable partner for our customers, and our goal is to deliver the highest quality service, allowing our customers to focus on their business growth without worries.                                                                                                                               

Long-term Support

SirDa is committed to providing comprehensive services for your surface cleaning equipment. We understand the importance of proper maintenance and upkeep for the performance and lifespan of your equipment after installation. In addition to equipment installation services, we also offer SirDa after-sales services, including equipment repairs, inspections, modernization upgrades, reconfiguration, and reassembly, as well as revalidation services, to ensure that your equipment remains in optimal condition at all times.

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