How To Choose The Right Abrasive For A Shot Blasting Machine?

Selecting the right steel shot is a concern for some customers. For non-ferrous metals, we typically choose aluminum shots or stainless steel shots. For steel weldments, castings, and steel materials, we usually opt for steel shots. Some equipment is used for extended periods, and without timely maintenance, there may be issues like shot and sand leakage. Steel shots falling on the ground can cause people to slip, and flying steel shots can also pose a safety risk, leading to both waste and space occupation.

1. The larger the diameter of the steel shot, the rougher the workpiece’s surface will become, but the shot blasting efficiency will be higher. The choice of steel shot diameter should be based on the workpiece’s surface roughness and hardness. Irregularly shaped steel shots or steel wire cut shots have higher shot blasting efficiency than spherical shots but result in higher surface roughness.

2. Select steel shots with moderate hardness for better application results. Suitable hardness for steel shots provides excellent rebound, allowing the shots to reach every part of the roller conveyor through-type shot blasting machine chamber, reducing shot blasting time.

3. If the shot hardness is too low, it can easily deform and break during the shot blasting process, consuming energy and affecting shot blasting effectiveness. If the shot hardness is too high, it becomes brittle and prone to fracture, creating solid and sharp fragments that wear out blades quickly, leading to increased energy consumption and also impacting shot blasting effectiveness.

How to Resolve Shot Leakage Phenomenon in Shot Blasting Machines?
1. Replace worn-out components of the shot blasting machine, such as the liner inside the shot blaster, protective plates in the cleaning chamber, etc.
2. Replace sealing devices, such as sealing rubber sheets, rubber door curtains, etc. (The proper use of an efficient shot blaster directly impacts the overall shot blasting effectiveness.)
3. Shot blasting machines use steel shots propelled by the shot blaster to blast and remove rust and clean the surfaces of castings, forgings, riveted parts, heat-treated parts, profiles, plates, structural steel components, etc.
4. The primary characteristics of the shot blaster component in shot blasting machines are stable functionality, compact structure, high shot blasting capacity, high shot blasting efficiency, and quick installation and commissioning.

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