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Digital tools currently available to assist you are a technology that can provide rapid returns. It can benefit you in terms of cost savings, performance, and operational uptime.

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Reducing Abrasive Consumption

The cost of abrasive media is a major component of the overall operating cost of the shot blasting machine. Additionally, the amount of abrasive media used relative to the achieved blasting effect is a key factor in determining internal wear and tear of the shot blasting machine.

Our digital tool is designed to control abrasive media consumption accurately, displaying its usage over time and allowing for correlations with other metrics. This enables you to quickly identify the root causes of high consumption. Even for cases where increased abrasive media usage is due to complex or subtle reasons, this tool can analyze and address them. Reducing or optimizing abrasive media consumption not only saves abrasive media costs but also reduces energy consumption and minimizes wear and tear.                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Making Maintenance Manageable

The processes within the shot blasting machine are highly intense, leading to inevitable wear and tear. Like all equipment, minimizing unplanned downtime is crucial, not only for saving funds and resources but also for ensuring the achievement of production goals.

Our tools for preventive maintenance provide real-time equipment status and enable early warning of wear and performance degradation by monitoring key parameters such as turbine vibration levels, filter pressure differentials, and other performance indicators. This allows for maintenance to be performed at the most opportune times. Thanks to the well-timed interventions, it prevents unplanned downtime without incurring excessive component costs.

Optimising Energy Use

Due to the power requirements of abrasive materials in shot blasting, the machines consume a significant amount of energy. To achieve cost reduction and support sustainable development goals while maintaining a stable shot blasting process, we utilize tools for energy consumption reduction. These tools enable strategic optimization of parameters such as machine idle time and turbine speed.

This means that both operators and management can immediately identify instances of unusually high energy consumption in the equipment, allowing them to investigate the causes and adjust the processes accordingly. Over time, this tool can optimize the equipment to achieve better energy efficiency without negatively impacting quality or production output. In fact, as a collateral benefit of energy conservation, both quality and production output may even see improvements. This initiative aligns with our cost reduction efforts and supports the sustainability agenda.

Improving Machine Effectiveness

Currently, blast machine operators have limited means of tracking their machine’s operating mode. They don’t have an overview of downtime and idle periods or what causes them, whether it’s faults, delays during loading/unloading, unscheduled maintenance or breaks. 

Our digital tool tracks and displays the effectiveness of a shot-blast machine within the overall production process. Easy-to-understand dashboard reporting allows operators to identify issues and bottlenecks that cause their blast machines to run below optimum throughput.                                                                                                                                                                                                   

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